Monday, September 22, 2008

My First Shishi

This blog will probably have the most text because this is a sketch blog, there will be nothing more then sketches, I hope to populate it with one sketch each day.

This weekend my parents, Laura and I went to The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. In the gift shop I spotted a book titled "The Old Man Mad About Drawing" (Francois Place). This book is a kids book about a small child and how he meets Hokusai (best know for The Wave in "36 views of Mount Fuji"). Hokusai takes the boy in and teaches him all about the art of wood block printing and about being an artist. I thought it was a nice story that was both very heart warming and informative. I would recommend picking it up. To get back to why this is relevant for this blog, in the story Hokusai said that he started every day by drawing a Shishi, which is a Chinese lion. I thought this sounded like a really cool idea so I though I would try and start my days by doing a sketch.

So here’s my first one; a Shishi.

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